Sunday, 16 March 2008

Your long-distance calling

Every now and then, there would be a nudge. This would come quite frequently if you take notice of it or on staggered intervals, depending on you outlook and position in life. When I say position, I mean the following formula:


And so it came to me one day in 2007, when the above equation was the first to greet me when I looked at myself for the very first time that morning in the mirror. Not that it had bothered me before but this time, I could not see anything else. Can there be anything more in life than to live to pay people, debtors and taxes? Would there be a alternative to this destructive lifestyle if I could call it that?

And then the nudge prompted me to examine the very circle I was in and how the same old stuff was poison to my life and family that have drifted away. I drove them away, no doubts about it, no excuses. The blame game had to stop. I had to take my life back and fulfill my purpose on this big blue marble. But what was my purpose, to begin with?

I was very religious during my early days. Now here's the catch-word: Religious. That was a problem to begin with. Did God intend us to be religious or develop a relationship with Him. Notice I avoid spirituality here. The 'R' and 'S' words are often a long drawn conversation about God and not with Him. Yes, I found God and in the very pits of my life. Its funny when you realise you have no where to turn to, you actually do. But it takes faith, in God and in yourself.

I left a large-denominational church without much fanfare a couple of years back. It began during my days as a medical sales representative, when a surgeon devoted about two hours of his time and explained a heck of a lot about what was going on in the world. And all this took place minutes after I had visited a chapel located in the hospital. I guess I prayed for some breakthrough and it did. And from then on, I look at major religions at a very different point of view. All this organised, orchestrated, communal sit-down-kneel-bow moves had me thinking for the first time in my life. What did it amount to. I have done all these, memorised hymns by heart and tried my best to observe feast and fast days. It took me further and further away from God and closer to human traditions, hierarchy and human politics within the church. In actual fact, not a single passage in the bible was dedicated to large and grandiose structures in praise of our Maker. After all, God declared that He is not impressed with our works, as He has the Earth as His footstool. Now before you decide that God is very hard to please, He states however, He looks on the poor and the contrite in spirit. He is moved by one's humility not worldly gains. More of that in another episode.

So what is it that I am saying? Nothing out of the ordinary, other than I have embraced Jesus as my saviour and that I believe and have full faith in Jesus' death have caused a sinner like me and you reading this, to be saved from everlasting death. We all know the famous verse: John 3:16. Just read it, blow the dust from you bible if you have one and READ IT. If you do not have one, what is stopping you from getting one? Would you feel ashamed or ridiculed? Would your friends, colleagues or family ask you uncomfortable questions? My answer to you is this: Good for you! You would have embarked on a journey going against the grains of this world! The Kingdom that is about to come if far glorious and greater than the world's population put together can imagine. Do not take my word for it, look it up in the bible. Understand one thing though: Its not a Sci-Fi or a comic you can cover chapter upon chapter a day. It is the living word of God. More of this in coming episodes.

One might say they're too much into the world or beyond help. Do not forget, God has called upon murderers and prostitutes and they in turn have become greatly blessed personalities in the humble service of God. If there were a chance we could meet Rahab and Paul (Saul), they definitely would give all glory to God and not take an ounce of credit.

And so, this has been my mission from now on to share my life experience to you as it unfolds. Jesus is coming SOON! Possible in our lifetime and while the world is partying out there, He will come, riding on the clouds. What would you be doing at that appointed time?

More updates soon.....