Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Curse God and Die!

Yup, it feels like all that faith we put it and with nothing coming out of it, we just want to say to God: Enough is enough!

Job's wife saw the agony he was going through with no apparent end, asked Job to curse God so that He will take away Job's life and end the misery she was witnessing. Hence the harsh instructions to Job. After all, at that point, Job was a pauper and was using a piece of pottery to scrape his boils.

Earlier, God compared Job to no one on Earth, a man without sin, fearing God and keeping himself far from sin. Was this a just reward? How could a God who is full of compassion, benevolence, love and kindness make the very servant He praised in front of Satan, endure such extremes? Not only that, the very children and wealth Job had, vanished. All thanks to the fallen angel, who of course had the approval from God to carry out such atrocities!

If we read the start of this account in chapter 1, we understand that Job was indeed the very testimony God had recounted. Unfortunately, his children the 10 of them, were the opposite. In fact, we find that they were fond of feasting and were cursing God in their hearts. Job spoiled them as he cleaned them after every party sessions and offered God sacrifices soon after.
Now here's the problem: God has repeatedly sought out our way of life and faith. By offering sacrifices to God, Job was trying to appease God for his children's wrongdoings. In modern times, we call it bribery. That faithful servant failed to exercise his fatherly duties in setting right the paths of his children.

Look carefully and we can find where the fault lies. Squarely on Job and no other. Everything he had was taken away. Except his wife. God gave Satan the go-ahead to do anything to test Job's faith but spare his life. Satan kept the missus for a reason, to tempt Job to renounce God and to prove his faithlessness. We know Satan failed.

When we look around any given day, one will find adversities in all forms and manner. We hold on to the promise of God and yet wall upon wall meet us at every turn. Doubt floods the mind and our carnal nature screams in protest at the challenges. Our mind searches for every conceivable reason to throw our hands in the air and say, "I give up".

However, God wants overcomers. Not whiners. It is simple for me to conjure these words, I will not argue. But the coming Kingdom of God has no benchmark, no comparison. One can only wonder in awe at the magnificence and glory of that Kingdom to come.Take this life as an interview for the Government our Lord God. He, in His absolute authority and judgement is selecting His candidates. I have interviewed many aspiring workers and I as a mere human was very picky, even for clerical or administration position. What about our Maker? What is His criteria? Look it up, the qualities are strewn all over the old and new testaments.

Back to Job. He went through severe hardship, considering the fact Job was wealthy and had a brilliant life. In the end, Job held to his faith and God doubled whatever possessions he had before the time of his trials. Indeed, Job had seven more sons and three more daughters, he was fully restored. His daughters were described to be so beautiful like no other women. Thus the reward of our God for one's perseverance, faith and humility.

The coming or our Lord Jesus one one except the Father alone know. It is anytime now. And when that happens, it will be a world-wide event and all alive will not miss to witness it. He will call upon those who are dead in His faith first, followed by believers still alive. The interview is ongoing, the result will be announced soon. Watch the skies and keep the faith. Take the stand today and not wait for any new year or birthdays or Christmas. It could be tomorrow for all we know.