Saturday, 30 January 2010

Let No Man Put Asunder

Matthew 19:6 reads; Why they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.

This is a favourite scripture used by couples as their theme for their wedding and is often found in their invitation card. Some give prominence to it by placing decorative motives of the scripture on a backdrop at their reception. Quite frankly, it captures the essence of a God-centered marriage. The two distinct individual now becomes one. It also gives a warning to others not to interfere or cause a destruction to that blessed union.

Personally, this word came to me at a time when I was going through a tough time relocating to a new home. Three months earlier, my landlord informed me that he has sold the apartment I was occupying and I would need to give him vacant possession soon. I was distressed and know the problems associated with moving. I barely lived here for a year. But God was working in the background because I found out that the buyer was the brother of the tenant living one floor above. So I had to wait for that guy to move out and I move in, easy!

Silent months passed by and nothing really happened. My soon to be ex-landlord gently reminded me of the imminent date and I tried to focus on God's work in my life. I had confirmed with the guy upstairs and indeed he will move out at the appointed time. In fact, I was waiting to speak to the guy and wondered when was the most opportune time. One day as I just returned home from work, God told me: Now, go now, he's upstairs. Lo and behold, he was just slotting his key to open the door! So that's settled for now.

In another casual meeting, I got the number of the prospective landlord and I found out this person was an old friend of mine whom I had lost touch about three years ago. Long story short, I had his consent to move in only weeks before I had to.

The buyer and seller of my apartment were involved in a tiff over petty issues. The buyer wanted to store some things in my home and I did not object but my landlord did. He quoted legal issues and genuinely he was concerned because the full payment for the house has not be settled by the buying party. This caused the buyer to be upset with me for revealing this to the seller.

But I did not have a choice as this is not my house and I had an obligation to my landlord. The word that kept propping up in my mind was: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9). I decide to intervene to keep the peace between both of them and I explained to the buyer that the seller had all the right to deny any request from him. I also told him that it would not be good to argue over petty things and it would be better to move into a new home peacefully. Somehow he agreed and cooled down and told that he lived in another state and it was difficult to take time off. So in the end, he appealed to the seller and both of them came to a peaceful conclusion.

All this time, I was worried though I should not, about the timing for my shift upstairs. The new landlord was slow in response and when he did asked for some time to inspect his property before he let it out again. The buyer kept moving his shifting plans and I did not know if it was ever going to take place. My current landlord who is a flight steward, was another hard to catch person still held on to my deposit. God I pleaded, is this ever going to take place? I have no where to go if this thing falls apart!

God told me the very word that is the theme of this blog: What He had put together, let no man put asunder. God had already ordained this entire episode to fall into place and His timing isn't much to our liking. We want things our way and when there is silence, we get worried and agitated.

While this was going on, my ex-wife said she had to go overseas and wondered if I could house my son (she has custody) and the maid. Immediately I refused due to the ongoing saga of house shifting - if you could call it that. I was not pleased as well as her timing is always out of whack. In actual fact, it was my pride that got in the way. I could have said yes and let them stay and the maid could help in moving. Adjustments are minor. But I refused anyway.

Then God spoke to me again and said, say yes and use the maid for your move (well not in that whole sentence anyway). So I swallowed my pride and told her the situation and she said the the maid can help in packing my stuff and in the moving. I had been looking for time off to pack and move anyway. But the work schedule is too great and was difficult to get away.

What I learnt was God's solutions are not typical of ours. His causes things to happen that transcends our emotions or mental state. He has organised things according to His way and it is the best solution. We should not let our thinking get in the way. If you let Him do His work, you will be amazed at the very details He has looked into. He has put things together, who are we to put asunder?