Friday, 29 June 2007

Putting Things Off

I have been called the "King of Procrastination" by some self confessed procrastinators. A King? Now thats a title one does not earn too easily except on the odd occasion where it is self-bestowed.
What have I been putting off? Well quite literally everything form the urgent to daily chores. Putting up this blog is another classic example. I have indulged on many things and have left them half-completed and then move on to other things while earlier projects are left unfinished.
I have been wanting to brush up my French for so long now and I have thought about it since 1999, yes folks, way back then. I even investigated where to do it in KL and the location of Alliance Francaise too.
Well, more "I'll do it later" stories coming up, right now I have to do something else.