Friday, 13 July 2007

A Good Punching Response

It was reported in the local paper that a student was punched by a teacher for a vulgar reply when she was confronted for cleanliness of the classroom or something to that effect. Though the teacher's response was not filtered by his built-in common sense mechanism, I'm on his side.

Can you believe the audacity of that girl, masquerading in a school uniform? The picture shows an adult (presumably little missy's mama) re-enacting the scene, making us look like we have never watched a single episode of WWE. The victim put on a well rehearsed sullen face as though her hand phone took a swim in the school's toilet bowl.

Okay, granted the teacher completely lost control of the whole situation. Yes he had not right whatsoever to harm a student no matter what the crime. Why did he punch the student twice? Did he miss the sweet spot the first time? Or was she still standing? By the way, little missy's mama (assumption) should go for some Tai-Chi classes to improve the punch delivery re-enactment, looks kinda painful when you try to hit someone with your knuckles.

I think the reporter / editor was irresponsible in article's caption and should have highlighted the crime of a minor before the punishment of an adult. It gave a slated view to the readers and most article scanners (like me, not reading the full story), would shake their head in disbelief over the teacher's action rather than the cause of the incident.

Don't even as me to preside over the matter and come up with a verdict. But what the heck. Honestly the teacher should take two blows himself and the student show get a vulgar response from her father the next time she asks for allowances. Then both of them are even, knowing how the other felt.